Bluenose Capital Management, LLC’s primary goal is the development and implementation of alternative investment strategies to generate better than average growth. Unlike traditional equity managers, our managed futures programs seek to be flexible enough to profit in rising markets as well as declining markets and inflationary or deflationary environments. Further, we believe that investments in stock indexes and commodities, not individual stocks or sectors, hold more possibilities for growth than day trading, swing trading, trend following or “buy and hold” strategies. Since market conditions are constantly changing, we continually reevaluate the particular strategies being employed at any point in time.

Bluenose Capital Management, LLC’s alternative investment strategies incorporates five vital elements; fundamental analysis, technical analysis, money-management, strategy identification and risk assessment.

Fundamental analysis is the study of the economic environment, both macro and micro. It is the study of supply and demand, interest rate policy, labor productivity and monetary policies. Fundamental analysis also considers the state of our economy as well as the global economic and political situation. The use of fundamentals assists in recognizing potential alternative investment trading opportunities in the commodity markets, and aids in determining what the market is thinking and how it might react.

CoinsTechnical analysis is the study of price movement in the context of statistical and probability outcomes. Historical price movement and patterns aid in the selection of more optimal entry and exit points as well as which specific positions are established in our alternative investment and managed futures programs.

After evaluating fundamental and technical conditions, we determine the most appropriate alternative investment strategy for the current environment. Our objective is to identify and implement the most advantageous strategies to fit current conditions. Although risks cannot be eliminated and profits cannot be guaranteed, Bluenose Capital Management believes that proper money management is vital to the delivery of long term portfolio performance in alternative investments. We closely monitor the performance of the individual positions in our portfolios with the ultimate goal of maximizing the profitable to unprofitable trade ratio.

By constantly monitoring and evaluating these various factors we are able to maintain the overall risk profile of our programs to maximize returns without taking outsized risk relative to our return targets. At present, the main alternative investment strategy that best meets Bluenose Capital Management, LLC criteria for effective growth to risk management is one that focuses on the writing (selling) of options using futures contracts of indices and other commodities.


We currently offer three alternative investment and managed futures programs, BNC EI, BNC BI and BNC CL

BNC EI (e-Mini S&P Options Program) utilizes mini contracts which can be executed electronically. BNC-EI requires a minimum initial capital of $15,000.

BNC BI (S&P Index Options Program) utilizes full contract markets and requires a minimum initial capital of $30,000.

BNC CL (Crude Oil Options Program) utilizes full contract markets and requires a minimum initial capital of $15,000.